Asbestos Management Plans

A tailored approach to client needs along with our latest techniques has established ESP as a leader in asbestos testing, identification and management planning.

Our experienced consultants have developed and implemented numerous management plans for the safe and ongoing management and/or remediation of asbestos containing materials. Our customised management plans relate to a wide range of industries, sites and institutions in compliance with current regulations.

ESP will develop your site specific management plan for the control of risks associated with asbestos containing materials or other hazardous materials. Management techniques may include removal, control and containment design, minor works, clearance certification or personnel training.

Our customised Asbestos Management Plans: 

  • ensure you comply with occupational health and safety legislation and associated regulations

  • assist you to establish and maintain an ongoing system for review of workplace practices for the management and control of Insitu asbestos containing materials

  • assist you to establish and maintain safe workplace practices for the management of hazardous materials.

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