Environmental Audit

The environmental audit system is used by planning authorities, government agencies and the private sector to provide assurance that potentially contaminated land is suitable for its intended use. Municipal councils regularly request an environmental audit as a planning condition where redevelopment or rezoning of a site to a more sensitive land use is proposed.

ESP - Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) conducts the environmental site assessment and undertakes any necessary remediation and validation works. An accredited environmental auditor independently reviews the environmental works to ensure the site is suitable for the proposed land use.

Environmental management of the site is typically required following the environmental assessment. ESP will implement site specific environmental management covering all, or a combination of the following:

  • Health and safety plan (HASP) for site workers and occupants
  • Environmental management plan (EMP) should contaminated soils be identified

  • Groundwater quality management plan following identification of groundwater contamination from, for example, a leaking underground storage tank (UST)

  • Clean up to the extent practicable (CUTEP) groundwater remedial works

ESP environmental consultants have extensive experience in environmental audit assessments, auditor liaison and environmental management in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and regional Australia. For regulatory information on the environmental audit systems in Victoria and New South Wales, contact your nearest ESP office.

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