Environmental Energy Audit

An energy audit in accordance with AS3598 investigates the energy consumption of your business looking for opportunities to reduce energy demand and provides recommendations on appropriate efficiency measures with specified payback periods based on actual implementation prices and projected electricity price increases.

An energy audit will help implement sustainable practice, achieve cost savings, improve comfort, demonstrate best practice and reduce the environmental impact of your business.

Opportunities will be identified and actions and targets set to improve the environmental sustainability your business, reduce operational costs, as well as make savings from electricity consumption.

The energy audit will identify areas of high priority that offer the greatest opportunity of energy and cost savings and provide a list of actions including no-cost and low-cost options with recommendations for more expensive options where major energy savings can be achieved.

Level 1 Energy Audits give an overview of energy consumption and general recommendations for improving energy usage.

Level 2 Energy Audit is an on-site survey and more detailed analysis of energy consumption to identify potential methods for energy reduction, cost savings and greenhouse emissions reductions.

Level 3 Energy Audits provide an in-depth investigation and economic analysis of overall energy consumption of the site or industrial process, potential savings and justification for significant investment where appropriate. 

Energy Management Plans  (EMPs) provide a strategy for energy reduction strategies, detail key areas and identify priorities.

Energy Usage Monitoring will determine if the measures implemented from the EMP achieve the set targets

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