Environmental Groundwater Assessment

Groundwater contamination can result from a number of sources including a leaking underground storage tank, landfill leachate, chemical spills and contaminated soils. Groundwater is utilised for drinking, irrigation, stock and industry and discharges to surface waterways. Groundwater is a vital resource and must be appropriately managed.

ESP – Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) environmental consultants assess groundwater contamination (a hydrogeological assessment):

  • As part of an environmental site assessment including an environmental audit to determine the risk to human and environmental health
  • To address regulatory underground petroleum storage systems compliance
  • As a due diligence study to define environmental liabilities of a site

ESP environmental consulting includes a wide range of hydrogeological services for Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and regional Australia including: 

  • Phase 1 Preliminary Environmental Site Assessments to appraise groundwater quality.
  • Groundwater monitoring including installation of groundwater monitoring wells, collection of water samples and water testing for chemical contaminants (Refer Phase 2 Detailed Environmental Site Assessment).
  • Remediation and management of contaminated groundwater including source removal, active and passive groundwater remediation works and clean up to the extent practicable (CUTEP) submissions.

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