Environmental Site Assessment

ESP – Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) conducts an environmental site assessment (ESA) to assess the contaminated soil and contaminated groundwater for regulatory compliance, property purchase/divestment, due diligence and for site rezoning and redevelopment (refer Environmental Audit).  ESA works are performed  in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and regional Australia by ESP environmental consultants.

ESP provides practical, cost effective and technically sound environmental assessment works and environmental management to meet the varied needs of prospective purchasers, developers, construction companies, petroleum distributors, general manufacturing facilities, childcare facility operators, municipal councils and government departments. 

To ensure sound environmental management practices, ESP maintains a staged approach to environmental assessment works:

Phase 1 Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA)

To determine site contamination, the likely type of contaminants and the potential contaminant locations, ESP environmental consultants will review:

  • Previous and current site activities

  • The environmental setting

  • Site history and records

  • The presence of underground storage tanks, chemical stores and surface staining

  • Site drainage and adjacent land uses

Soil sampling and soil testing aids in defining the contamination status of a site.

Phase 2 Detailed Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

To assess the physical presence of potential contaminants, including distribution and concentration, ESP environmental consultants will conduct:

  • An initial work plan using the Phase 1 ESA information.

  • A soil assessment (collection of soil samples with asbestos and chemical analysis).

  • A groundwater assessment including groundwater bore installation and water testing.

  • An appraisal of the risks contaminants present to human and environmental health.

  • Further assessment works to accurately delineate the extent of contamination.

  • Remediation works where risks to receptors are deemed unacceptable.

  • Validation soil testing and groundwater works including water testing to ensure remediation works were performed to a satisfactory standard.

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