Environmental Storage & Petrol Tank

Removal and monitoring of an underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) including any underground storage tanks (USTs) and fuel bowsers must be properly managed.  Fuel leaking from a petrol tank can have significant, adverse impact on people, property and the environment. Spills, overfills and a leaking fuel tank or piping may lead to fire, explosion and contaminated soil and contaminated groundwater.

In accordance with EPA guidance, any abandoned disused fuel tank or diesel tank should be removed and associated pollution cleaned up adjacent the petrol tank following petrol tank removal.

Monitoring and Assessment - ESP contaminated land consultants will provide where required:

  • Soil testing for chemical contaminants in soil samples collected from boreholes in the vicinity of USTs, bowsers and associated pipework
  • Groundwater assessment works including groundwater bore installation and water testing
  • Review system/s for detecting and monitoring leaks
  • Record keeping for UPSS alterations and leaks
  • An Environment Protection Plan / Environmental Management Plan to ensure continued environmental hazard, health and safety control
  • ESP environmental consultants will assess potential contamination from UPSSs through a Phase 1 Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment and Phase 2 Detailed Environmental Site Assessment

Removal and Remediation - ESP contaminated land consultants will undertake:

  • Removal and appropriate offsite disposal of fuels, petrol, diesel, oil and contaminated water
  • Remediation strategies including underground tank removal and petrol tank disposal and contaminated soil remediation
  • Validation soil testing and groundwater assessment works to ascertain whether remediation works were performed to a satisfactory standard
  • Recommendations for compliance with relevant legislation during decommissioning and redevelopment of fuel tank sites in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney and regional Victoria

For further regulatory information on UPSSs, USTs, petrol tanks and fuel tanks contact your nearest ESP office.



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