Environmental Water Monitoring

ESP – Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) environmental consultants conduct water analysis to assess the quality of water.  Water sampling, analysis and subsequent comparison of results with EPA or other State and National guidelines is required to assess water quality utilised or proposed for human use (i.e. drinking, swimming), irrigation and stock use.  Additionally, commercial and industrial requirements such as waste water disposal to sewer as part of a Trade Waste Agreement require water monitoring to ensure the water is suitable for disposal.ESP can also perform stormwater sampling, design site-specific water assessment strategies and prepare stormwater management plans.  Stormwater discharges into our natural fresh and marine waterways which usually require water quality analysis to ensure any potentially contaminating sources within the catchment are not detrimentally impacting aquatic ecosystems.

Water quality monitoring is often necessary for EPA compliance, environmental site assessment and environmental audit works which ESP specialises in.  Such works may require a groundwater assessment, as water analysis from groundwater bores provides an indication of contamination migration through soils.  Soil analysis is also performed in these scenarios.

ESP ensures all water samples are analysed by analytical laboratories with National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation for reliable analysis services and results.

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