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Environmental Consulting Newcastle

ESP Environmental Safety Professionals – Environet Pty Ltd – is a professional firm of environmental consultants with 30 years of experience who specialise in services, such as environmental assessments for key environmental issues that impact ecology services and offers comprehensive environmental management services to clients in Newcastle, NSW.

With a team of expert consultants in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne and over 30 years of industry experience, ESP addresses the unique range of environmental challenges facing developers, property owners, and project managers in the region. Our Head Office is conveniently located at 5 Newton St, Broadmeadow NSW 2292.

ESP Environmental Consulting Services for Newcastle Development

As Newcastle undergoes revitalisation with new residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects, responsible environmental management is crucial. ESP environmental consultancy provides expertise in key areas:

 Asbestos Management

– Comprehensive asbestos surveys, management plans, air monitoring, and clearance inspections.
NATA accredited asbestos laboratory ensures reliable testing and analysis.
– Hazardous materials surveys and asbestos awareness training.

Occupational Hygiene & Safety

ESP prioritizes worker safety by evaluating workplace exposures to various hazards and developing comprehensive control strategies to protect employee health and maintain regulatory compliance. Innovative solutions and services across New South Wales :

  • Assessment of noise, vibration, hazardous chemicals/dusts, and biological agents.
    – Implementation of safety measures to safeguard workers during development projects.
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fauna
  • Flora
  • Bushfire Services

Local Experience for Local Projects to Achieve the Best Environmental Outcomes


ESP’s deep understanding of Newcastle’s environmental landscape and regulatory framework enables us to provide specialised solutions tailored to local projects. From Merewether to the Hunter and regional NSW and beyond, we collaborate with the sole planner, to local councils, state agencies, environmental consultants, and private certifiers to facilitate project approvals and ensure environmental compliance.

Best Environmental Consultants Newcastle NSW:

Expert Professional Environmental Consulting Services

Our portfolio of clients get experienced environmental services throughout
and sites across NSW and VIC in accordance to environmental regulations;

1.Environmental Impact Assessments
2. Ecological Services for Biodiversity Conservation
3. Land Management and Sustainable Development Planning
4. Environmental Management Plans
5. Environmental Impact assessments
6. Project Management
7. Impact statements
8. Monitoring Services
9. Assessment reports
10. Land assessment

Site Contamination Assessment

– Preliminary and detailed investigations to evaluate contamination risks.
– Waste classification, VENM assessments, and Underground Storage Tank remediation services.
– Development of tailored remediation action plans and long-term environmental management strategies.

Professional ecological surveys including environmental impact, fire protection, fauna management within NSW, for sites
to maintain legislative requirements in Regional NSW, The Hunter Region, The Hunter Valley, The North Coast, The Central Coast

 Environmental Monitoring & Compliance


Proactive monitoring is essential for managing environmental impacts during construction and operations. ESP offers:

  • Environmental noise assessments to ensure compliance with regulatory criteria.
    – Environmental monitoring and sampling for air, water, soil, and other matrices as required for environmental approvals and licensing.

How Can A Environmental Consulting Organisation Help with NSW Regulations?

1. Assistance with Environmental Approval Processes
2. Review of Environmental Factors and Compliance

Why Choose Leading Environmental Consultants in Newcastle for Your Project?

1. Expertise in Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Management
2. Specialized Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
3. Comprehensive Environmental Planning and Impact Mitigation
4. Resource recovery

Where to Find the Best Environmental & Planning Consultants
in Maitland and Throughout Australia?

1. Consulting Services for Contaminated Land Remediation in accordance with government agencies
2. Development of Biodiversity values, Biodiversity Assessment & Management Plans& Bssar
3. Tailored Environmental Services for Bush fire & Bush fire Risk Assessment
4. Flora and Fauna

For harbor-side developments, city renewal projects, industrial facilities, and infrastructure works, ESP Environmental has the experience and expertise to support environmentally responsible growth across Newcastle.

Our team of environmental consultants in Newcastle are based in Newcastle.


Q: What services does ESP provide as environmental consultants in Newcastle NSW?

A: ESP offers a range of consultancy services focused on environmental impact assessment, biodiversity preservation, and achieving positive environmental outcomes.

Q: How can I get in touch with ESP in Newcastle NSW?

A: You can reach out to ESP by visiting our website or contacting us directly via phone or email. Our contact details are listed on our website for your convenience.

Q: Does ESP have expertise in assessing biodiversity values?

A: Yes, ESP has a team of experienced ecologists who specialize in assessing, preserving, and enhancing biodiversity values in various environmental projects.

Q: What areas do ESP environmental consultants cover besides Newcastle NSW?

A: In addition to Newcastle NSW, ESP provides environmental consultancy services in Sydney and surrounding regions, catering to a diverse range of clients and projects.

Q: How can ESP help businesses achieve better environmental outcomes?

A: ESP works closely with businesses to develop tailored environmental solutions that contribute to improved sustainability practices and positive environmental outcomes.

Q: What makes ESP stand out as environmental consultants in Newcastle NSW?

A: ESP stands out for its dedicated team of ecologists, commitment to preserving biodiversity, and track record of delivering successful environmental impact assessments for clients in Newcastle and beyond.

Q: Can ESP assist with environmental impact assessments for new development projects?

A: Yes, ESP specializes in conducting thorough environmental impact assessments for various types of development projects to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and best practices.

Contact us today to discuss your environmental needs and how we can provide value-added solutions for your Newcastle project.