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Asbestos Services

ESP provide a range of asbestos consulting services to its clients across Australia. We employ a team of specialised and experienced consultants, including eight NSW Licensed Asbestos Assessors (LAAs). Our team are highly experienced and have worked on major projects throughout Australia, including residential, civil, commercial, and industrial sites.

    • Asbestos Identification
    •  Asbestos Analysis
    • Asbestos Air Monitoring
    • Asbestos Registers
    • Hazardous Materials Surveys  
    • Risk Assessment Reports
    • Asbestos Management Plans
    • Pre demolition Surveys and Registers
    • Asbestos in Soils Investigations
    • Air Monitoring & Clearance Certificates
    • Asbestos Testing in NATA Labs
    • Asbestos Awareness Training
    • Asbestos Procedure Reviews
    • Hazmat Surveys and Registers

    Environmental Consulting

    Chemical contaminants are a major issue for commercial and industrial sites and civil construction pro- jects. At ESP Environmental we provide clients with the forward thinking and insight in relation to envi- ronmental compliance on their site or project. ESP Environmental provide a range of Environmental con- sulting services. Our team undertake environmental consulting services for clients in the Civil, Commercial, residential, and Industrial

    •  Indoor Air Quality Assessment 
    • Mould Assessment
    • Mould Management Plans
    • Noise Monitoring
    • Dust Monitoring
    • Outdoor Air Monitoring
    • Groundwater assessment
    • Remediation & Management Plans
    • (PSI) Preliminary Site Investigations - Environmental site assessments & remediation plans
    • (DSI) detailed Site Investigations
    • Environmental Air Monitoring
    • Soil, groundwater and water testing
    • Environmental noise assessment and prediction modelling
    •  Underground petroleum storage system assessment 
    • VENM Assessment,Waste management, waste classification, off-site disposal methods and/ or potential

    Occupational Hygiene

    Occupational Hygiene is the formal scientific assessment and control of hazards at work.

    This scientific evaluation may often involve aspects of public and environmental health. Occupational Hygiene key in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of workplace hazards.

    Occupational hygiene monitoring accompanies an organisation’s overall risk management of occupational health and safety issues.

    Workplace monitoring and laboratory analyses are often used to determine exposure to workplace contaminants.

    Being a member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (AIOH), ESP has the knowledge and experience to assist you identify, measure and control your work related risks.

    Our Occupational Hygiene Services Include:


    • Noise
    • Vibration
    • Thermal Stress
    • Ergonomics
    • Non - Ionising Radiation


    • Solvents & Hydrocarbons
    • Heavy Metal & Welding Fumes
    • Gases & Engine Emissions
    • Airborne Particles & Fibres
    • Chemical Contamination


    • Mould
    • Yeast
    • Bacteria e.g Legionella
    • Vermin
    • Wildlife

    Environmental: these hazards are often generated offsite but may have an effect onsite. They may include all of the hazards mentioned above as well as general pollution such as noise and natural hazards such as storm events and bushfires.

    Contact your nearest ESP office for further information.

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    We Test For 73 Types Of Asbestos in 24 Hours During Our Analysis

    24 Hour Turnaround Service - NATA Accredited Laboratory

    Speak to a professional to access our laboratory today and get a 24 hour turnaround asbestos analysis service for bulk soil samples, building materials, mechanical or electrical components and asbestos fibre counting.

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    What Are People Saying?

         I'd be pleased to work with them again     

    Shinji Halim
    Project Engineer
    Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

    I’m happy with their performance, they attended their shifts on time and were active in taking readings and keeping on top of the detectors despite the crowded tunnel and difficult weather.

    Project:   ESP monitoring and supervision for the ARTC major project at Ulan tunnel

    Joel Sinclair

    I highly recommend ESP - Environmental and Safety Professionals. Jeff provided a high level of customer service, and informed us of exactly what we needed to know. Thank you to the ESP team.

    S. sWEETIE

    Always pleasant to deal with and good professional service

    About Us?

    ESP - Environmental & Safety Professionals (ESP) is a multidisciplinary firm of Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety professionals.

    Established in Melbourne in 1989, ESP (Environmental Safety Professionals) was one of the first National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories in the field of as- bestos bulk identification and airborne asbestos fibre counting in Australia.

    ESP – Environmental Safety Professionals (ESP), is an innovative risk management consultancy com- pany, that offers a wide range of environmental consulting, hazardous material surveys, occupa- tional hygiene & OHS services.

    Representing over 30 years of industry experi- ence, our qualified consultants provide end to end solutions for our clients concerns in work- place risks, hazardous materials and environ- mental contamination management.

    It has been our philosophy to be recognised as the solution partner and leader in high quality environmental solutions.

    Established in 1989, ESP is Australian owned

    ESP offers a wide range of innovative, tailored and cost effective;

    • environmental and occupational health & safety services tailored to clients' specific needs.

    ESP has completed hundreds of major environmental and occupational health & safety surveys for a diverse range of clients spanning commercial, residential and public and private sectors.

    ESP services offers include;

    1. 1
      Asbestos and hazardous materials identification
    2. 2
      Atmospheric particulate monitoring
    3. 3
      Noise, dust and risk management solutions
    4. 4
      Occupational hygiene status reports and training programs
    5. 5
      Environmental assessments
    6. 6
      Regulatory compliance
    7. 7
      Management plans.

    ESP was one of the first National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories
    in the field of asbestos identification and asbestos fibre counting.

    Take Advantage of Our State Of The Art Experience For Your Environmental & Safety Solution.

    Speak to a professional about  a comprehensive range of risk management services for asbestos & hazardous materials, environmental management and occupational health & safety training and management systems today.

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